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Our Story

It all started with a family of multi passionate trio (mother and two daughters). We loved to make creative and unique items for our family and friends. Our loved ones felt special when they received their unique, handmade gifts.

Jack D and Princess doggie

Thus, the foundation was to combine these passions and 'Pretty Knotts' was born. Creative, handmade, unique products for humans that make them feel special while providing for the health and well being of animals. A win-win situation.

neela and scholar dog

Our other passion was the well being of animals. We couldn't contain ourselves from seeing any animal go hungry or injured ranging from cats, dogs to monkeys and birds. We would help them in any way we could. But finances used to come in the way many times.

Amrita with Rani doggie

Our mission is to create a sustainable platform to fund individual animal rescuers.


Each and every purchase helps an animal sleep with a full belly, be happy and playful throughout their life.

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