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Your Impact

Wondering how your purchase can help an animal on the street? We, at PrettyKnotts, provide a solution by contributing 25% of our profits towards animal welfare.

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With all these activities our list of furry friends is ever increasing and now they can be yours too by helping them with your purchase.


Taking care of our loving, innocent animals involves a wide variety of activities. We vaccinate and sterilize our street dogs. We provide nutritious food when they are sick. During these COVID times, we helped our street dogs get their daily quota of healthy food. We have boarded and taken care of injured animals until their fit to run along the streets. We have also helped many differently-abled and abandoned animals get adopted to their forever loving homes.


Note: We are not an animal welfare organisation.  We are individual rescuers working within our own capacity.  Please contact animal welfare organisations in your city to report injured or abandoned animals

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